Benefits of Eating Ghee Daily

Benefits of Eating Ghee Daily

Benefits of Eating Ghee Daily

You can find a whole lot of variety of ghee in the market. Some of these are full of adulteration and blended with vegetable fats, which can do more harm to our body than good.

Our parents often insist on having ghee with our meals, but we often say no to it, considering it is high in fats. However, experts say when consumed daily in small quantities, ghee can offer several health benefits as it is also packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

“In this article you will know about the benefits of adding ghee to your daily diet as well as how to choose the best ghee for you and your family.”

– Gauprerna

Things to keep in mind while buying ghee

Before starting with the benefits of ghee, it is important to understand what ghee is, and what type of ghee would be beneficial for you. While buying ghee one must note a few things:
  • It should be from desi Indian breeds of cows like Gir, Sahiwal, Haryanvi, Red sindhi, etc.
  • It must be processed via whole milk curd route and not cream, which is popularly known as bilona method.
  • Clockwise and anticlockwise churning process must be used to convert curd into butter.
  • Last but not the least, it must be slowly simmered into ghee from butter.
If we choose ghee which ticks all the above boxes then it will surely be helpful and healthy, otherwise it will do more harm to our body than good. Commercially available ghee options in the market are full of adulteration and blended with vegetable fats, which is the main reason for heart blockages and cholesterol issues. Traditionally made pure bilona ghee, on the other hand, is helpful in fighting against cholesterol, obesity and heart problems.

Health benefits of Bilona Ghee


  • Because of its high smoke point, ghee is one of the best oils to use in cooking as it won’t break down into free radicals like others.
  • Desi cow ghee has a smooth, creamy texture and rich, nutty flavour, and thus is a versatile pantry staple that can replace butter, olive oil or any other cooking oil.
  • Another unique property of ghee is that since the milk solids are removed, it contains little to no casein or lactose, the two compounds in dairy that most often cause allergies and sensitivities. This means that most dairy-sensitive people can enjoy ghee.
  • Desi cow ghee is rich in short- and medium-chain fatty acids that are considered to be heart healthy.
  • Desi cow ghee is both hugely beneficial inside and outside of the body. The consumption of ghee offers a wide range of benefits, including clarity of mind and sound digestion.
  • Desi cow ghee helps sustain healthy microbes in the gastrointestinal tract to promote effective digestion and elimination. It nourishes all the tissues of the body, including the nervous system, translating into calm energy throughout the day.
  • It helps in weight loss. To answer the never-ending debate, the type of saturated fat that desi ghee has is the short- chain-fatty acid which helps to burn the stubborn fat in the body while regulating your metabolism and does not add extra fat.
  • It is your heart’s best friend. Vitamin K2 found in desi ghee helps in preventing calcium deposits in the arteries that can lead to blockages and obstruct blood flow. It lowers bad cholesterol levels and increases good cholesterol levels, thus maintaining a healthy balance.
Disclaimer:The views expressed in this article belong to the author. Readers are advised to exercise discretion and try out the mentioned tips/remedies only under the supervision and advice of a doctor.


Dr. Sompal Arya is an experienced Panchgavya and Naturopath physician. With more than 8 years of practice in Pangavya & Gau Products. The focus of his clinical practice is to ensure the suitability, tolerance, efficacy, and safety of natural, ayurvedic and herbal medicines. He shares his clinical experience and wisdom about natural, Ayurveda and herbal science for helping people as well as doctors to understand the conditions better, When, where and how to use the Gau products specially Bilona Ghee very effectively.