A2 Cow Milk and its Health Benefits

A2 Cow Milk and its Health Benefits

A2 Cow Milk and its Health Benefits

As per ancient Vedic sciences, a nerve called ‘Surya Ketu Nadi’ flows along the backbone of desi cows (hump), which is responsible for its Milk’s medicinal benefits. This nerve absorbs the essential elements of the sun-rays and the environment, and then transfer all this good-good to the Milk, while the dewlap or the skin-fold helps in restoring nutrients and some gold salts into the Milk.

A2 Cow Milk has been gaining popularity in recent times due to its health and nutritional benefits as it has proven to be rich in Proteins, Minerals and Vitamins etc.

So, what is A2 milk and what are its benefits?

A2 Cow Milk is also known as Desi Cow milk and is produced by cows that have only A2 beta casein protein. To simplify, Cow Milk is available in two types of beta-casein proteins. These proteins are A1 and A2, which differ from each other by a single amino acid. Most of the dairy herds in Asia and Africa produce A2 milk. Our Indian breeds such as Gir, Sahiwal, Kankrej, Rathi and Haryana are best when it comes to giving us high-quality A2 milk. European cows, on the other hand, produce A1 milk.

The A2 beta-casein protein present in A2 Milk breaks down into amino acids for quick digestion, which results in improving our overall health and increases the nutritional value derived from Cows Milk.

A2 Cow Milk is a rich source of minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus which are necessary for strong bones and teeth, better functioning of muscles, regulation of blood pressure, tissue and cell growth and enhancing good cholesterol (HDL) and maintain overall nourishment and well-being of the body.

A2 Cow Milk also has essential Vitamins like Vitamin A, D and B12 which are necessary for bones and teeth, building immunity and converting food into energy. A2 milk contributes equally in building immunity, increasing metabolism and in providing Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids contribute highly to mental growth too.

A2 Milk is the most unadulterated and pure form of milk. We, at Barosi, are happy to bring it to you from Desi Cows which have been taken utmost care of, and reared with hygienic milking methods. With sustainable and minimalistic packaging, we take our hygiene very seriously so you and your kids get natural and raw A2 milk, as nature intended it to be.

Immunity Strengthening Hormones

A2 Milk, known as an alternate medicine, constitutes the A2 Beta casein protein which doubles the disease-fighting antioxidant Glutathione (GSH) in the body. GSH is further responsible for excellent immunity against pathogens.

Moreover, pure A2 Milk profoundly constitutes proline-rich peptides which regulate the thymus gland. In simpler words, it regulates the immune system which helps fight off diseases.

A Glass full of healthy Proteins

A2 beta-casein found in Milk of A2 cows, doesn’t breakdown into BCM-7 in human bodies, as compared to A1 Milk. This property of A2 milk makes it easier to digest and overrides the adverse effects of BCM-7 in our bodies.

Additionally, A2 Milk also constitutes essential amino acids which help in protein formation in humans. These amino acids are great for healthy kidneys.

Vitamin fueled Drink of the Day

A2 Milk produced by desi cows is also an excellent source of Vitamin A, B2, B3, D, and more. This vitamin-enriched drink helps in overall growth, which makes it especially important and beneficial for growing children. To add, it also increases the strength of bones and joints, making it an essential ingredient for old people and new, and expecting mothers.

The vitamin A present in A2 cow milk, reinforces cell growth and is key to a healthy immune system.

Provider of Good Cholesterol & Fatty acids

A2 milk products like ghee, curd and yoghurt are rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids which lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart diseases by decreasing triglycerides in the body. Also, A2 Milk constitutes for HDL (high-density lipoproteins) known as good cholesterol which reduces the risk of heart attacks. The very constituents also make it a source of anti-carcinogenic(cancer) properties.

A wonder for Women

Various studies have proven that A2 Milk has significantly helped in PMS symptoms and discomfort. Daily consumption of A2 Milk also aids in the regularity of menstrual cycles. With its composition of minerals like Calcium, Iron and Potassium, it minimizes pain and increases strength – the perfect way to remain active during your cycle.

Other than this, it is also used as a skin cleanser and has ample anti-ageing properties.

Overall, A2 milk is a game-changer for you and your family. Replace regular milk with A2 milk and opt for a smooth and healthy transition to an improved lifestyle.


Dr. Sompal Arya is an experienced Panchgavya and Naturopath physician. With more than 8 years of practice in Pangavya & Gau Products. The focus of his clinical practice is to ensure the suitability, tolerance, efficacy, and safety of natural, ayurvedic and herbal medicines. He shares his clinical experience and wisdom about natural, Ayurveda and herbal science for helping people as well as doctors to understand the conditions better, When, where and how to use the Gau products specially Bilona Ghee very effectively.